The Free and Open Source Guide to Launching Your App

The App Launch Guide is a 100% free and open source guide to launching your app (or any consumer product really), and aims to help align your marketing and development schedules.

The most up-to-date version of the guide is available for free on Github: or download an up-to-date PDF.

Who’s this for?

This guide is written for indie developers who are building and launching their iOS apps largely by themselves. The guide walks through planning, pre-launch, marketing, product development, QA, and launch.

Wait, it’s free?!


Why is it free?

As I researched different marketing options for Loose Leaf, it was surprisingly difficult to tease out the well-meaning good advice from the well-meaning bad advice from the marketing-product sales pitch.

What I wanted most of all was an easy to understand, neutral, and trusted resource to give solo indie devs legitimate marketing advice.

After spending months reading, experimenting, tracking, and measuring, I wanted to make the process easier for myself for my next app, and easier for everyone else too.

Who wrote it?

The original version of the App Launch Guide was written by me, Adam Wulf, following my trials, errors, and successes marketing my iPad app Loose Leaf. I’ve learned (and continue to learn!) an incredible amount about app marketing from my apps Loose Leaf, Remotely, and Spare Parts.

I’ve released the guide into the public domain, and the guide now has many more contributors than just me.