The guide includes a whole host of resources, as well as advice on how best to utilize throughout your marketing schedule. I’ve mirrored the resource list below for convenience. If you have additional resources you’d like to see added, feel free to contribute to the guide or get in touch!

The Two Must-Read Books

Additional Resources

  •  Books
  • Social
    • Buffer App — Free — Easily schedule posts to your Twitter so you don’t need to baby sit it.
    • Mad Mimi — Free/Cheap — Easily manage your email list
    • Vine — Free — Great way to show your development progress visually to your audience
    • TweetDeck — Free — Easily stay on top of multiple lists of influencers so you can jump into the conversation when appropriate
  • Tracking
    • Mixpanel — Free — Track user behavior to determine success/fail of onboarding
    • Crashlytics — Free — Automated crash reports and beta distribution
    • AppFigures — Free/Cheap — Automated sales and app review reports
    • iTunes Affiliate — Free — Lets you track (sort of) how links into the iTunes Store convert into sales. Also lets you scratch back some of the 30% that Apple takes. It’s worth it.
  • Press / PR / Marketing
    • HARO — Free — Daily emails from press asking for sources for their stories
    • Find Keywords for App Store — Free — Blog post detailing how to objectively find the right keywords for your App Store description
    • SensorTower — Free — Helps with competitor and keyword research
    • ASO Keyword Spreadsheet — Free — Spreadsheet to help measure keywords
    • Launchrock – Free/Cheap – Quickly setup a website to start collecting potential users’ email addresses.
  • Podcasts